Local History

The Camp

The roads on which we live encircle a site of great historic interest, an Iron Age camp from which the company derives its name. This ancient hill-fort of 26.38 acres was acquired by Gerrards Cross Parish Council in June 1951 for preservation as an Ancient Monument and a public open space for the ‘rest and recreation’ of parishioners. The Camp is a good example of a large double-ramparted hill-fort, constructed c500BC to 50AD and merits the protection of English Heritage. It is also the largest hill-fort in Buckinghamshire. Quite apart from its history, it has a serene beauty being symmetrical and surrounded by a boundary of mature trees.

Not only do our roads enjoy proximity to the Camp but also to Bulstrode Park, it too having many historical connections dating back to before the Norman Conquest. Together, these two spaces create a sense of openness and ensure an abundance of wildlife. The benefits of space combined with close proximity to all the local facilities make the roads an extremely pleasant place in which to live.

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