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BCL Community Fibre Broadband Project – NOW LIVE (Nov 2020)

This is an exciting project for our community. Please read the details below fully and if you have any questions then please send them to Adrian Shepard, BCL Director.
This web page will be updated with new information as it arrives. Please keep checking back.
If you would like to connect to the new fibre network then please make a contribution to the installation costs, which have been borne by a limited number of residents and property owners on our roads. Without their forward thinking we would not now have the benefit of this ultra-fast service.
To make a contribution please contact BCL via the usual methods.
(last update Nov 2020)

Why do we need Fibre Broadband?
(also known as FTTP)

NOTE: FTTP is an abbreviation for Fibre To The Premises. This means running fibre optic cables all the way from the exchange to the premises.

At the 2017 AGM several questions were raised as to whether it was possible to improve the reliability and speed of the internet connections on our roads.

The internet or broadband connections still run along the same old cables we use for our telephone connections and these cables have been in the ground for several decades now. The cables are deteriorating and  several residents have suffered from gradual or complete failure of the signal down their cable. Hence this problem potentially affects all of us living around The Camp.
Also, if we are going to re-surface our roads in the near future then we should look at upgrading the infrastructure now to avoid digging up the road again later.

Benefits of Fibre Broadband (FTTP)

  • Installing a new fibre network means your broadband speed can potentially increase by 10 fold from around 20-30Mb/s up to 900Mb/s
  • This means that streaming multiple streams of HD TV or even Ultra High Definition TV are possible. So for those who enjoy BBC iPlayer, NetFlix, Amazon movies etc. then you will find two or more of you can watch separate programs at the same time in HD quality.
  • Working from home also benefits from high speed broadband by becoming as quick and easy as working in the office.
  • Connecting to loved ones abroad using say FaceTime or Skype will be more reliable and better quality.
  • Connecting to internet based home security systems will be improved, allowing HD video monitoring and faster, more reliable connections.
  • For those who enjoy computer gaming then they will enjoy a higher quality experience.
  • Having the latest technology infrastructure on our roads will increase the value of properties.


Current state of BCL project (November 2020)

The network is now live and the project is almost complete!!

I am very pleased to say that, despite the restrictions we have suffered this year due to COVID-19,  the installation of the new fibre broadband network is almost complete. At the time of writing I am aware of just three properties which have work remaining to complete their connection.
Of the 128 properties on our roads 68 residents have now contributed to the community project and are enjoying ultra-fast broadband speeds.

As a reminder to everyone the cost of the project to our community was just under £70,000.
39 residents originally committed to the scheme which meant we could raise £48,000 through the Government Gigabit voucher scheme. The reminder of the costs were covered by contributions from the 39 residents. Unfortunately some of those residents have since moved away and their vouchers are no longer valid. This will potentially lead to a £3,000 – £4,000 shortfall. However, as 29 residents have joined the scheme since the contract was signed that means we can cover this shortfall without having to request for further contributions.

If it was not for the forward thinking and financial support of the initial small group of residents then we would not now have the benefit of a fibre network on our roads today. So, if you intend to connect to the new fibre network in the future please first make a contribution to the community fund. We will continue to accept contributions for the foreseeable future. 

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