The Committee

Welcome On behalf of Bulstrode Camp Limited (BCL).

The board of directors of BCL is made up of volunteer residents who administer the estate on behalf of all residents.
BCL, its Chairman and Directors, are responsible for the upkeep and management of the roads (e.g. re-surfacing, repairs, drains,  signage, shrubbery, insurance …etc.) and verges of Park Top, Valley Way and Camp Road. The current Chairman is Mrs Elaine Whitehead.

Each autumn an AGM is held  where matters of mutual interest are discussed and agreed. All  Members are encouraged to attend this meeting to ensure as much  sharing of ideas as possible. Information regarding the AGM and meeting minutes can be found here.

Residents pay an annual subscription to fund the maintenance of the estate, this is currently £425 per annum (updated 2016).

A Neighbourhood Watch email system is in operation by which means we are able to inform residents not only of any Police or security issues but also of matters relating to the management of the roads

To find out more about the Board, please see the Members page.

Please  do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any comments or concerns.