Notes For Developers

Notes for Developers

Construction work causes considerable additional disruption to the roads and verges over and above normal wear and tear. Our residents require that owners who are carrying out building work on their property should contribute a payment, additional to the Annual Service Charge, in exchange for BCL’s agreement to use the roads and verges for this purpose.

Schedule of Charges for property development, building works and landscaping:
  • For renovations/single storey extension/landscaping:  £1,000 per project per annum.
  • For two-storey extensions:  £2,500 per project per annum.
  • For demolition & rebuild:  £5000 per project per annum.
  • For excavation (in addition to any property development) for facilities such as a basement, garaging, gym, swimming-pool etc):  £3000 per project per annum.

At the discretion of the Board, an additional charge will be levied to compensate for the cost of reinstating the road and/or verges following exceptional damage (up to a maximum of £10000).

Change to verges

During development some owners may wish to use our verges to improve the amenity of their property by extending or changing their property entrance. This needs a legal easement for permission to use the verges in this way. BCL will agree to reasonable requests on being given evidence of planning permission together with an easement fee of £3,000 + legal costs.

Code of conduct

All owners who are making major developments to their property are asked to confirm their agreement to a code of conduct by signing a document available from Bulstrode Camp Limited . The document commits the owner to:

  • Comply with the South Bucks. District Council document “The Considerate Contractor” as displayed on their Building Control website. This covers: consideration for residents and road user; safe vehicle usage; permitted working hours and noise; compliance of sub-contractors; cleanliness, tidiness and burning of waste;no commercial hoardings; notification of contact for residents; complaints.
  • Payment of the appropriate charge as per the schedule of charges above.
  • Ensure that contractors have at least £5m of public liability insurance cover
  • No parking is permitted on the roads or grassed verges at any time; provision must be made for parking on the building site and for the transportation of construction workers.
  • No construction is to be carried out on BCL owned verges; verges may be converted to hardstanding for parking during the construction period; verges must be restored to grass only.
  • Any damage to the roads or verges must be made paid for or made good to a high standard.
  • 72 hours’ notice must be given to the Secretary of exceptional road blockage, road closure or noise.
    • Special notes for road  closures:
      Appropriate road signs must be put up in advance at both entrances to the estate and at the point where the road will be closed.
      For short term road closures a site worker should be present 400m either side of the closure point to help direct traffic.
  • Hoardings/protective screening must be installed within the property boundary.