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Get involved in Buckinghamshire’s “Best Kept Village”

Dear All,

Gerrards Cross is again vying for Buckinghamshire’s Best Kept Village title!  Last year we were joint runners up amongst the larger villages of the county (after Haddenham) and the effort across several local organisations to keep the village tidy and beautiful, especially over the judging month, made a real difference.  This year, Gerrards Cross Town Council is once again trying to organise efforts to win the competition.  GXCA, Traders Association, Brownies/Scouts, GX schools, Community Volunteers are all participating in the effort.

The Boost Committee of the Gerrards Cross Town Council are coordinating activities and have asked if the Bulstrode Camp Residents Association could join in, particularly in regard to keeping the area surrounding the Camp tidy, clean, litter free, and as attractive as possible!  Obviously any help with the rest of the Town would be welcome too!!  Every resident, and developer, can play their part by keeping their frontage as attractive and tidy as possible.

The judging period runs over a month from 6th June to 8 July but activity will ramp up from a week before then.  The main tasks outlined by the Boost team, and which also apply to the roads around The Camp where possible to deal with :


  • Overhanging trees/hedges
  • Lamps out
  • Damaged kerbs
  • Weeds on pavements/gutters
  • Graffiti
  • Litter
  • Chewing gum
  • Cigarette ends
  • Blocked ditches/gutters/drains
  • Road signs dirty/damaged

It was great that BCL arranged for the road sweeping earlier last month and that it looks clean (thank you Sue).  Residents can keep their verges and entrances tidy and attractive, but, we are very keen to ensure that all developers and construction sites, are also aware of the judging period, and keep their site entrances as clean and tidy as possible (and not to damage verges).  Of course this is just part of the Considerate Constructors code of practice, but maybe the BKV competition will be a little added incentive.

Gerrards Cross Town Council will be informing GX residents of the competition later this month and what they can do to assist (through The Voice newsletter)

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Kind regards,
Mikael Berntson